A Vienna Rossi Paranormal Mystery

Beautiful Beginnings

Vienna Rossi is going to the Marine Corps Ball.  The bad news is she will be on a blind date.  The good news is the ball is being held in Las Vegas. 


Everything was going smoothly until Jack, her handsome spirit guide, suddenly shows up.  The last time she’d seen Jack; her life had been in jeopardy.  Vienna hopes that her date isn’t a psycho serial killer like her previous one.  Or was this time different?  Could Jack be jealous?

​Suddenly strange things begin to happen; reoccurring nightmares, objects moving on their own, a marked page in a magazine that leads Vienna to the Titanic exhibit. 


Could a ghost be trying to reach her? Join Vienna, Kim, and Jack, as they team up for a heartwarming paranormal adventure that opens the door to a life full of beautiful beginnings.




Cheating Heart

After seeing her ex-boyfriend with another woman, her gorgeous spirit guide whom she could never have a relationship with, and a date with a well known office Romeo on Valentine’s Day; Vienna’s best friend talks her into a weekend getaway to clear her head.  Little did she know that she’d not only have to deal with her cheating heart, but a lost soul in need of help. 


Will Vienna be able to heal her own heart in order to find love?  Will she be able to get to the source of the turmoil causing the dark spirit to haunt her? 

Join Vienna, Kim, and hunky spirit guide Jack in another hauntingly fun adventure.



Ghostly Gig,
A Vienna Rossi
Halloween Short Story

Vienna accepted a side job that she finds intimidating. She’s worried that it’s out of her league. She’s been hired to alleviate a house of a haunting. And in order to complete the task at hand, Vienna will need to use her newfound psychic abilities to communicate with the ghost. She’s never removed a ghost from a house before. Will she be able to solve this lost soul’s mystery and help the ghost crossover?

Join Vienna and her best friend Kim in a hauntingly good Lost Souls Short Story.


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