The Niberia Chronicles

(This Series is Currently being Re-written)



Every 3,600 years, a large red planet called Niberia passes through our solar system on an elliptical orbit near Earth. Rachel longs for some excitement, some adventure in her life. The most adventurous things that ever seem to happen to her are within her nightmarish dreams. Little did she know that these dreams have been a constant link to the far-off world of Niberia. Little did she know that these dreams have been a constant link to the far off world of Niberia. So begins Rachel's journey to discover her life before Earth. A journey where she learns of her past ties with her seductively beautiful evil sister, Nammu, the ruler of Planet Niberia and how she arrived on Earth 3,600 years ago along with many other Niberians. A journey where the flames are reignited as Rachel is reunited with her love of many, many past lives ago.



Ashes to Diamonds


Little did Diana know how powerful a gypsy curse could be until she ignores her Grandmother's desires. Diana's greediness reopens the door from Earth to Niberia, releasing the disembodied Nammu from her bodiless entrapment. Nammu, the evil Ruler of Niberia, is free once again to terrorize. And this time she's out for revenge.

Come join us in another adventurous journey to Niberia. Where there is nonstop action, magic and seduction. And discover for yourself the chain of events that leads to the rising of the Lost City of Atlantis.

Mrs. Davis, states in her will, that she is to be cremated. It is her wish that the ashes are to be made into a beautiful blue diamond. But in her will, there are stipulations. In order for her grandchildren to inherit their two million dollars each; her spoiled rotten, selfish granddaughter, Diana, must give the diamond to someone less fortunate. If she does not heed her Grandmother's wishes, then she will bear the gypsy curse that has been bestowed upon the diamond.



Hidden Identity

Miranda never felt like she fit in and never knew why until one stormy day a rustling noise brought her to the attic. Miranda stumbled across a family secret, her great aunt's journal, exposing a whole new world and a whole new life.

Being the reincarnated Rachel, originally from the planet Niberia, Miranda discovers her life long purpose. She must restore Niberia to its original, peaceful Atlantean state as it was before the rein of the evil ruler Nammu.

Join us in another magical adventure as we journey to a world full of fantasy and mystery.



Frost Waltz - Music by Kevin Macleod


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